Saturday 10th August

Steam Train Passing

Merchant Navy Class

Passing Templecombe
Around 11:00am

A1 size Poster
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Friends of Templecombe Station
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Coffee Mornings

The coffee & cake is always free of charge but donations are most welcome
The mony raised is used solely for improvements to our station by the volunteer members of FoTS

As illustrated here in our picture gallery
Friends of Templecombe Station
Friday 15.09.2018

Fantastic reward for the hardworking and dedicated volunteer members of "Friends of Templecombe Station"

The NATIONAL RAIL AWARDS 2018 ceremony was held at: Grosvenor Park Hotel, London on Thursday 13th September.

There are three awards within the catagory "BEST SMALL STATION". Templecombe has been awarded joint second place along with Great Missenden (Chiltern Line). Both Templecombe and Missenden are "Highly Commended". The first place has been awarded to Aberdour, Fife (ScotRail).

The competition is fierce across the entire UK and this is a huge achievement for Templecombe. Our station volunteers have now won many awards since the station re-opened in October 1983 following its closure in 1966.

Christine Hillman (FoTS) writes:
I am so proud of what the "Friends" have achieved, now and over the past few years. As you say we all work very hard to get the results that we do, and the awards that the group have won have been "Highly Deserved". They are a "Great Bunch of People" and good friends too.
We aren't handed lots of money from the "powers that be", we raise funds so that we can make Templecombe Station a better place to be, for all.

Anne Dibble (Ticketing Officer Extraordinaire) says:
I am delighted. I don't know what to say. Everyone works so hard. The judges came unexpectedly and the waiting room windows were smeary. I wish I had known they were coming.

Templecombe Village website congratulates our station friends.
Steaming through Templecombe
(Thursday 08.03.2018)

Black Five 45212 passing Templecombe Thursday 08th March 2018 (pics above).
Just after 6pm on the return (pics below).
(Friends of Templecombe Station 27.06.18)

This specially-commissioned illustration features preserved former Southern Railway express passenger locomotive "Clan Line" passing the iconic art-deco signalbox at Templecombe.

"Clan line" - the steam locomotive that hauls the famous Belmond British Pullman (formerly known as the Orient Express) and other charter trains - is 70 years old in 2018, whilst the Templecombe signalbox is 80 years old this year.

Many railway posters were produced in art-deco style from the 1930s through to the early 1950s. This brand new one has been designed by renowned art-deco illustrator Stephen Millership exclusively for the owners of "Clan Line", the Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society (MNLPS).

Two different sizes are available :
A1 Size (23.4 x 33.1 inches) @ £5.00 each
A2 Size (16.5 x 23.4 inches) @ £3.50 each
50% of the profit for each poster goes to the Friends of Templecombe Station, and 50% to the MNLPS

Please e-mail Paul Blowfield (Secretary, Friends of Templecombe Station) at to order a copy (or leave a message on 07540 259065).
Free delivery in the Templecombe area, or pick-up at this station.

Tempus Fugit

At Templecombe railway station. Tempus Fugit (Time Flies), is both a sculpture and sundial. The bronze statue is of a railwayman consulting the British Rail timetable, some of the pages of which have blown away and landed on the grass.

The statue forms the gnomon (part of a sundial that casts a shadow) of the sundial; the pages on the ground mark the hours.

The Hour markers
have recently been rejuvinated (summer 2018).

Blackmore Vale Line Community Rail Partnership
Decoration Station Christmas Competition

The awards were presented at Templecombe Station during the afternoon of Thursday 20th December. The event was attended by
representatives from the various volunteer station groups along the line from Tisbury to Crewkerne. The judges made the presentations.

The competition was fierce but well spirited. Many teams and individuals had worked very hard and imaginatively to enhance our stations for the festivities along the line.

Templecombe scored very well indeed.

Category Winner
Best Christmas Feature Yeovil Railway Centre
Scenic Railway - Ritziest Train Yeovil Railway Centre
Star of Wonder
Most orininal use of a Christmas Star
Yeovil Railway Centre
Most Captivating Christmas Tree Crewkerne
Coolest Santa Templecombe
Deck the Halls
Best Christmas Wreath or Garland
Winter Wonderland Most Imaginative Window or Table Scene Templecombe
Finest Hand-Cratfted Christmas Decoration Gillingham
Most Festive Booking Hall Templecombe
Best External Christmas Lighting Display Templecombe
Award of Recognition For
Outstanding Effort in 2018
Anne Dibble

And if that wasn't enough. A Bullied Pacific Merchant Navy Class No: 35028 "Clan Line" came steaming through, hauling the Sherborne Carols Express.
(Tuesday 14.07.2018)

Friends of Templecombe Station (FoTS) indulged us in a coffee and cake bonanza starting at 6:15 this morning.

Early visitors and travellers included Valerie Singleton. Valerie has added a comment to the visitor book but didn't leave any "Blue Peter" badges for the FoTS team to wear on their Hi-Viz jackets.

Hayward Burt, our SSDC councillor called in for an enjoyable chat and to catch up on FoTS activities. It's great to see our representatives taking an interest in things "Templecombe".

Caroline Rowland from the Blackmore Vale Line Community Rail Partnership (BVLCRP) who lives locally came along with Andrew Ardley, Regional Development Manager for South Western Railway.. Caroline was keen for Andrew to see our station and the things FoTS get up to. Peter Hillman gave them a tour.

The group raised £85 in donations which will go towards extending the new fence behind the "up" platform. Another coffee morning is planned for Tuesday 11th September.
Friends of Templecombe Station
(Tuesday 11.09.2018)

At 6am on Tuesday morning members of FoTS were ready to serve coffee cake and exciting snacks to commuters and local residents who wished to drop in.

The Friends were later joined by Phil Dominey (Senior Regional Development Manager) and members of the South Western Railway management team along with Caroline Rowland from Blackmore Vale Line Community Rail Partnership (BVCRP).

Phil Dominey has worked his way up 'through the ranks' in the railway industry, and having once been a signalman at Templecombe he has a real soft spot for our station.

During the morning a working signalling maintenance team were invited to join us for a break and welcome refreshments.

The group raised £83 in donations which will go towards extending the new fence behind the "up" platform.

The next FoTS extravaganza is planned for Halloween on Wednesday 31st October.
Spooky Goings On Down At Templecombe Station
Halloween - Wednesday 31.10.2018

Alight here for Wincanton and Stalbridge

A Station Project
Thursday 20.06.2019

The aged door to what is believed to be an old "lamp store" has now been renovated. The frame was too far gone and a replacement has been made.

Just Another Thursday
Thursday 30.05.2019

On Thursday afternoons FoTS members gather at the station and go about the tasks that make Templecombe station sepcial. On Thursday 30th Paul Blowfiled stopped by to photograph the action.

New members are always welcome so drop down on a Thursday afternoon, email or give Pete a call on 07549 953808.

More Than Just Coffee
Coffee Morning - Tuesday 04.06.2019

Another surprise was in store at the June Coffee Morning.

Members had been up early preparing a model dispay of Sir Arthur Heywood built estate railways.

Henry Greenly and Bassett-Lowke designed and built miniature railways to the same 15inch gauge and their work can still be seen in many seaside resorts and pleasure grounds in the UK and even on the Continent.

The Victorian, Edwardian and modern figures are readily available in the same 1/12 scale in the Dolls House market/hobby.

(Thursday 9th May 2019)

Andy Bennett who hosts the daily radio show between 1pm and 4pm on BBC Somerset (95.5FM) visited Templecombe recently and recorded a series of interviews.

At the railway station Andy met Christine Hillman, chair of "Friends of Templecombe Station".

Dressed in HiViz, Andy was given a tour of our station while its unusual history was explained.
Andy, intrigued by the voluntary work carried out by the "Friends", had many questions and Christine was delighted to be able to show our multi prize-winning station in the very good light it deserves.

Click below to listen to the interview.
Christine Hillman at the station

A dashing new uniform
For our ticketing officer extraordinaire
(Saturday 6th April 2019)

An early morning surprise was in store at Templecombe Station this week as our ticketing officer Anne was all fitted out in her very smart new SWR uniform.

Anne had decided to wear her neck tie as a cravat rather than tie it into an over complicated bow and it looked very smart indeed. The new colours were a joy.

Anne was keen to point ot the gold thread stitching along the button holes and the addition of a blue vertical line down the back which expanded into a pleat at the skirt.

It is understood the new uniform is now being rolled out to all customer facing staff on the line.

Salisbury To Exeter
Rail Users Group
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News Letter 2019 May
News Letter 2019 February
News Letter 2018 August

Blackmore Vale Line Community Rail Partnership
Winter 2018 News Letter

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CHRISTMAS! Here it comes!

Preparations are underway for the Templecombe Station Christmas Party on Monday 17th December


Creepy Scary Fun was had at the station today
31 October 2018

The bacon butty and cake was top shelf

What's Next?

Christmas !!

Or is it?

Original Sign Returns

The Templecombe nameboard has been donated to the Friends of Templecombe Station (FoTS) by Jim Milton.

Jim was one of the four in the working committee that was responsible for getting Templecombe Station re-opened in 1983. This nameboard would probably have been at the station from 1952 until closure in 1966 and is a British Railways Southern Region board.

To thank Jim for his very generous gift we are planting a Rose called "Darcey Bussell", in memory of his late Father, Harold who worked on the railway.
Royal Horticultural Society Awards
South West - It's Your Neighbourhood


It's Your Neighbourhood Assessment Form

Name & Area
Blackmore Vale Line Templecombe

Judge Lesley Jelleyman 26th July 2018

Areas of Achievement
The work carried out by the team, Anne, Peter, Raif, Michael, Rita, Francis, Christine, and Melvin is very impressive.
Three years ago the bridge (built in 1893 and moved to Templecombe in 1990)was repainted, and is a wonderful feature. It took 400 hours of volunteer time.
The garden restoration, new fence and waiting room are a testament to what cam be accomplished with dedication and hard work.
Money is raised by organising various events throughout the year, including Easter, Halloween and Christmas, branded merchandise and calendars.
The group have purchased a strimmer to help ease maintenance.
The new planters tidy up the northbound area and the team hope to open the area so that travellers have access to veg and herbs.
The garden is filled with an array o herbaceous, shrubs and annual planting.
Areas for Development
It is a shame that the wonderful garden on the southbound side of the station cannot be accessed and physically enjoyed by travellers and the residents of Templecombe on a regular basis. Now that Templecombe has a Bloom group, who have started to tidy up the village, you might consider finding a spot in the village to create a 'satellite station garden'. This would create space not only to be enjoyed by everyone but could be used as a space for promotion and fundraising. The knowledge and skills of the Friends group combined with the residents of Templecombe have the potential to create something very special.

Level Description Points
Level 1 Establishing 0-35
Level 2 Improving 36-52
Level 3 Advancing 53-68
Level 4 Thriving 69-85
Level 5 Outstanding 86-100
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6th March 1966 was a sad day for the village of Templecombe, for on this day the last trains ran on the famous Somerset & Dorset line from Bath (Green Park) to Bournemouth via Templecombe, and the station was also closed to all services on the main route from London and Salisbury to Yeovil and the West Country. It is difficult to believe nowadays that at its peak around 500 people were employed by British Railways at Templecombe in various tasks ranging from station and booking office personnel, goods yard shunters, clerks, signallers, track maintenance staff, engine drivers and firemen, engineers, loco maintenance fitters, cleaners etc. etc.

For the next 17 years all trains on our line passed through Templecombe without stopping. The station buildings - other than the 1938 signal box - were demolished in the late 60s, much of the route was reduced to single track and the station slowly slipped into history ...........

However, the residents of Templecombe did not want to lose their train services so readily, and thanks to the tireless efforts of the 'Templecombe Station Working Committee' and local councillors, plus welcome support from the local B.R. Area Management team, the station was re-opened on 3rd October 1983.

Templecombe station today is unrecognisable from that which existed in 1966. But despite being vastly reduced in size and ambience it nowadays has a better service than at any time in its history, though sadly you will never again be able to travel directly from here to Bath or Bournemouth.

* * * * * * * *

The 'Friends of Templecombe Station' was formed in 2012 - superceding the 'Templecombe Station Support Group' - to carry on and develop the task of looking after the gardens and, more recently, the redundant signal box and waiting room on the former up-side platform, plus the general environs of the current station. Members of 'FoTS' are drawn from all sections of the local community, and enjoy an excellent working relationship with the management and staff of South Western Railway (previously South West Trains) and Network Rail.

In recent times to help with the maintenance of the gardens and buildings 'FoTS' have been given, or loaned, a variety of tools. Manual labour is the norm - spades, forks, secateurs and shears, saws and screwdrivers etc, though we do have a petrol motor mower, kindly provided by the Parish Council. We do it for the enjoyment and satisfaction, and there is excellent camaraderie between all members, both at work and outside.

Commencing in 2015 'FoTS' have undertaken considerable work on the preservation and exterior renovation of the now-redundant 1938 art-deco signal box (including providing the new hand-crafted nameboard) and have repainted the 1980s waiting room in former Southern Railway Buckingham Green and cream livery. After much lobbying it was agreed by the then SWT and Network Rail management that the 19th century cast iron footbridge (originally situated at Buxted station in East Sussex, and moved to Templecombe in 1990) could be repainted similarly in historic Southern livery. Much of the preparation and painting was carried out by 'FoTS' members, as part of a unique joint project between the 'Friends of Templecombe Station', South West Trains management and Bagnalls the Network Rail contractor.

In 2016, all this hard work was recognised when Templecombe was awarded First Prize in the 'Best Small Station' category of the National Rail awards. We entered Templecombe again in 2017 and despite there being an increase in entries we were delighted to reach the final three, and were 'Highly Commended'.

Templecombe has joined up with other station groups on the line to form the Blackmore Vale Community Rail Partnership ( plus Templecombe is represented on the committee of the Salisbury to Exeter Rail Users Group (SERUG - which lobbies through Railfuture ( for the continuation of investment and improvements in rail services locally and nationally.

Since formation, 'FoTS' main source of income has been from the sale of a limited-edition, specially-produced calendar, which have usually been printed by Thales Underwater Systems Ltd at Templecombe. We undertake the production work, and supply of photographs, whilst Thales have printed them for us free-of-charge, for which we are most grateful. Whilst there isn't one for 2017, a 2018 edition is in the planning stage.


New members are very welcome, and it's absolutely free! Don't worry if you're not a gardener; this is a good place to start if you want to try your hand at gardening, and most of us have learnt by trial and error. We also need people who could help with the watering, grass cutting, litter pick-ups, assist with the upkeep of the former station buildings, administration, arranging outings and help us to develop our Facebook Page. So if you would like to join the team and make a contribution to keeping the station in award-winning condition we will always be able to find something to interest you.

Telephone : 01963 370279 ('FoTS' inquiries only) E-mail :

'Friends of Templecombe Station' are a group of individuals who are entirely independent of South Western Railway or Network Rail.